Location: Cairo, Egypt

Contract type: 3 years, fulltime on site


management4health (m4h) is a rapidly growing company in the international healthcare development sector founded in 2012 as a global network of health professionals. Our areas of competency include Health Systems Development, Health Services, Health Infrastructure Investments and Digital Health Information & Research. Our key clients include the German Development Cooperation (KfW and GIZ), the EU, the European Investment Bank (EIB), the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, national Ministries, foundations as well as private clients. The projects we implement for our clients span across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South- and Eastern Europe.

m4h is currently seeking a Team Leader for Consulting Services for the Implementation Consultant for the Project “prep4vac”.

About the job:

The African Union aims to vaccinate 60 % of the entire African population by the end of 2022. Moreover, based on a recent (2021) study: over 9.4 mn children in Africa today are un- or under-immunized with DTP3 (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis third dose). The AU has mandated the Afreximbank (African Export-Import Bank) to advance on building capacities for the development of vaccine production and its entire value chain – production, distribution and administration of vaccines in Africa. In order to prepare such investments, the Afreximbank has received grant financing from KfW.

The current project is to manage preparatory measures for the following investments: (i) Investments in companies active in the field of manufacturing of vaccines and other pharmaceutical and medical products, such as diagnostics, therapeutics (drugs), and medical devices; (ii) Investments in companies active in the field of manufacturing of accessory products to the pharmaceutical & medical industries (i.e. packaging); (iii) Investments in companies providing services for the above-mentioned industries; (iv) Investments in companies active along the value chain for vaccines and the abovementioned other pharmaceutical and medical products, i.e. in sales, distribution and logistics; (v) Infrastructure projects necessary to attract investments in the pharmaceutical & medical industries (i.e. medical parks or biotechnology parks); (vi) Investments in research institutions in the pharmaceutical & medical sector; (vii) Investments to support regulatory bodies related to the pharmaceutical & medical sector.


The team leader is expected to work in close cooperation with Afreximbank and to support the management of the prep4vac project. In this role, the consultant will provide operational management and guidance, and ensure the implementation and completion of the prep4vac project tasks. In particular the consultant will support Afreximbank in the following tasks:

  • Project Management: Implementation planning, timeline and budget, with standard project management practices; Overall monitoring of the project according to plan; Facilitating financial audits of the project; Liaising with management and stakeholders on project details and deadlines; Developing sound business practices and procedures for the project
  • Project Support: Designing Terms of Reference for preparatory studies as required by the standards of Afreximbank and KfW; Support to identification, selection, development and implementation of suitable preparatory measures; Procuring, awarding and adjudicating consultancy assignments in compliance with the procurement standards of Afreximbank and KfW (designing and implementing the Tender Process); Support technical implementation / quality assurance of the consulting assignments financed by the Project; Evaluating/assessing submitted studies; Providing necessary documents required by KfW for disbursements of the grant, e.g financial management/preparation of withdrawal applications and certification of invoices according to the simplified reimbursement procedure”; assuring that all potential beneficiaries of the grant meet Afreximbank’s and KfW’s compliance criteria; assuring that all projects are eligible for funding with the respect to the sectoral exclusion list of KfW; monitoring (time and budget) all consultancy assignments awarded; Preparing reports to KfW – regular bi-annual reports and adhoc reports as requested
  • Stakeholder Communication and Coordination: Facilitating exchange between Afreximbank and other important stakeholders in the sector, such as GIZ, EU and other initiatives aiming at the promotion of vaccine production in Africa; Ensuring project and implementation related documents are up to date, including clear and accessible communication channels for interested and possibly eligible companies to access the funding opportunity and inquire about it.


  • At least a master’s degree (or similar) in finance, business administration (or a similar discipline)*
  • At least 10 years of professional experience*
  • At least C1 in English (CEFR level or equivalent)*
  • Good Level in French (CEFR level)
  • Good Level in Portuguese (CEFR level)
  • Professional experience working with development finance institutions
  • Professional experience in project management including monitoring
  • Professional experience in the pharma or medical products sector
  • Professional experience in working in the financial sector
  • Professional experience in the preparation of large private sector/infrastructure investments
  • Cumulative professional on-site experience in Africa


Application process:

management4health (m4h) is an equal opportunity employer. Please send your CV to jobs@m4health.pro with the following subject line: Team leader for Consulting Services for the Implementation Consultant for the Project “prep4vac”.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further selection.