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Insight into our workshops in Comoros! 🌍2 workshops in 3 days in Moroni with the amazing UHC implementation team of the Comorian Ministry of Health financed by the French Development Agency (AFD)

The m4h team, led by @AmeniMakkes and Team Leader @Paul Hibon, organised a two-day programme on leadership and collective intelligence at the Golden Tulip Resort in Moroni. Subsequently, as the project intends to incorporate the gender dimension more comprehensively and guarantee that 60% of the target population of UHC consists of women, a one-day workshop on gender inclusion was conducted with participants consisting of an expanded implementation team from the Comorian Health Ministry specifically focused on universal health coverage (UHC).

🌐 PAAMG and Universal Health Coverage (UHC): The project “Projet d’Appui à l’opérationnalisation et à la mise en place de l‘Assurance Maladie Généralisée” (PAAMG) is designed to support a political process and the development of the skills of decision-makers and institutions in charge of steering and implementing UHC. The aim of the project is to protect the Comorian population against the financial risk associated with health problems, through the implementation of a UHC.

The logical framework is structured around three sub-objectives:

  1. The content of the UHC policy is defined in a participatory and operational manner
  2. The operators and healthcare providers are capable of managing UHC
  3. The various components of the population are progressively joining the UHC (formal, informal and indigent sectors) and are satisfied with the services offered by the UHC

🔄 Capacity building: The leadership & collective intelligence workshop aims to enhance the organisational and communication capacities of the UHC implementation team at the Comorian Ministry of Health. Given the upcoming addition of 18 new employees to reinforce the team, it was crucial to provide comprehensive training to the entire team in leadership, collective intelligence, and communication with the objective to foster a strong working culture and promote synergies among team members.

🧰 Gender inclusion: The project aims to incorporate gender mainstreaming as a fundamental objective and takes into account the access to healthcare services, such as maternal-infant care, which remains a priority for the region and for AFD. To achieve this objective, m4h organised and carried out a one-day workshop to provide the team with training on integrating gender inclusion into the activities of the implementation phase of UHC in Comoros.

Looking forward to our next workshops and positive team transformations! 🤝💙

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