management4health was contracted by Lux Development in order to conduct the final evaluation of the NIC/025 Project in Nicaragua. The evaluation team was led by Dr Javier Gabaldon Santos, supported by the expertise in blood transfusion medicine of Dr Jose Ramiro Cruz.

The programme NIC/025 has the overall objective to contribute to the goal of universal access, to ensure provision of quality health services while strengthening the national health system in accordance with the second strategic objective of the 5-Year Health Plan 2011-2015.

Objective of the evaluation

The evaluation aimed at analyzing the specific objectives and results achieved by the NIC/025 programme. Particularly, the evaluation focused on the analysis of the system and capacities developed and used in ensuring ownership, harmonization and alignment with the national strategic objectives.

The project interventions under the NIC/025 programme have been analyzed using a mix of qualitative and quantitative tools and methods, according to the criteria of pertinence, efficacy, efficiency, sustainability and cross-cutting themes such as governance, equity, gender and environmental impact.

Finally, the team derived lessons learned that shall feed into recommendations informing future interventions of Lux Development in the health sector in Nicaragua.

Final Evaluation of Health Programme in Nicaragua
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