Project Description:

Correct and regular functionality of medical equipment represents a key factor for provision of quality healthcare services, combined by the availability of trained users and technicians in the respective facilities. After a successful pilot project in the Mid- and Far-Western regions, the MoHP with support of KfW Development Bank agreed to launch a nationwide programme for maintenance of medical equipment through an outsourcing model that involved local private maintenance providers.

The Programme ‘Nationwide Contracting Out of Maintenance Services for Medical Equipment’ will be managed by the Physical Assets Management (PAM) Section of the Department of Health Services (DoHS) with support from the Consultant and aims at outsourcing maintenance of medium to high-sophisticated medical equipment to local private maintenance providers in all the five regions of Nepal. These providers will be selected through national competitive bidding, which will be launched during the next months.

Scope of work:

The key role of m4h and partners is to provide institutional capacity building and system development of the PAM Section to manage and monitor the outsourcing contracts. We also support key stakeholders in developing a Physical Assets Management Policy and in guiding policy discussions into an integrated PAM approach that considers the whole life cycle of medical technology within the Nepali healthcare systems.

Additional tasks of the project are to:

  • Sensitize key stakeholders in strengthening the in-house maintenance services for less sophisticated equipment, in order to achieve a cost-effective balance between in-house and outsourced services.
  • Engage in capacity building of the DoHS structures for inventory, contract and maintenance management through a dedicated software application, which is envisaged as crucial factor for the long term success and sustainability of the project.

M4h and partners look forward to a successful implementation with all the stakeholders involved.

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