01/2013 – Ongoing


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Peaktrade Holding Ltd (Private Funding)

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m4h Key Areas
Health Facilities

m4h is responsible for the establishment of the Libyan European Hospital, throughout two phases.

During the inception phase, the current status of the hospital (infrastructure at 60% completed) was assessed and a plan of action was developed and resources identified that are needed to complete construction works as well as procurement and installation of equipment; human resources and management requirements (including business planning) were defined in order to get the hospital opened and running within the shortest possible time frame considering the aim of the investor which is providing quality hospital services to the population and become financially viable.

2nd phase – Completion of construction works and equipping the hospital

Based on the results and recommendations developed during the project’s inception phase, the main tasks for the coming year will be to complete construction works, equip the hospital, and open clinical in- and outpatient services following a phased approach considering market needs as well the availability of human, technical, and financial resources.

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