Dear partners and colleagues

This has been a very unusual year and ending as one. As we are finishing 2020 and welcoming the new year, we would be holding a series of events with partners and colleagues to look back on the key moments of the year and appreciate those who made them possible.

This is also the time to appreciate and thank our great m4h team for how it has persevered in the face of the challenges of the year; keeping moral and spirits high, supporting each other and contributing to the high team performance and success of m4h as a global organization.

As a multinational company, m4h spans across 34 countries and 6 continents, with staff coming from incredible geographic and cultural diversity. We do not take this for granted and it is not necessarily the norm in many organizations and firms.

At m4h we celebrate diversity in backgrounds, diversity in beliefs, diversity in thought, and diversity in action as sources of our strength.”

m4h lives and breathes diversity – but numbers speak louder than words and our demographics stay true to the company culture we continue to build upon, as some key stats from m4h show:

Gender Of our 20+ employees, 50% are male and 50% are female. Our management team mirrors that percentage with equal executive female members in the top senior management.

Ethnicity and Nationality m4h has 11 different nationalities out of its 20 staff members at HQ office. Our partners span throughout all continents, from Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe and America.

Our core values at m4h are founded on our diverse backgrounds, building an inclusive culture where people can be their authentic selves is at the core of our values. Engaged, connected employees bring their best ideas and the best attitude to work every day – and in turn deliver the best experiences to our clients and to each other. And we embrace the diversity across our team loudly, ‘diversity is our strength’.

The reality is that COVID-19 has altered our plans, and this year’s holiday season looks a bit different – changing our work and life environment in ways we never imagined.

This year’s ‘end-of-year’ virtual event will give our staff a platform to share their own stories from the diverse cultures and background. As part of our mission to spark meaningful conversation and learning from each other’s experiences, let’s come together to exchange ideas and celebrate our year’s achievements in face of the challenges we faced together.

Join us for a memorable virtual end-of-year event dedicated to this team.

Schedule of the online-event on 17.12.2020

14:00: Welcome
Stefano Ferrari

Presentations: Christmas and other religious feasts and traditions

14:15 Some findings on the pagan origins of European Christmas traditions
Cornelia Franke

14:25 Multi-religious customs, Christmas and New Year in Brazil 
Erik Giersiepen

14:35 Christianity in Ethiopia
Aida Bayou

14:45 Vardavar (Water feast) in Armenia
Nelly Soghomonyan

14:55 Dia des los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Mexiko
Edward Tourtellotte

15:05 About Hinduism
Arunakiry Natarajan

15:15 Break with Online Games

15:45 Tell us something about what you do outside work

16:00 Health promoting surprise

16:15 Break

Presentations: Countries – a personal choice of topics

16:30 Finance seminars in Africa
Torsten Keil

16:40 Weddings in Morocco
Jihane Lakhssassi

16:50 Lebanon: Country and kitchen
Ibrahim Daghman

17:00 Travel to Madagascar
Ranja Rakotomahanina

17:10 Devil’s town in Serbia
Smiljana Savić

17:20 Albania: A century-long rollercoaster
Erion Dasho

17:30 Secret santa gift exchange

18:00 Take away dinner event