Health system reform is a prerequisite to achieving sustained and better health outcomes. m4h’s focus of work mirrors the Health Systems Strengthening functions.

Our comparative advantage in HSS work stems from our unique combination of in-house technical capacity maintaining expertise across the health system functions, promotion of local solutions and strong evidence-based approach.

In summary, our work involves:

  • Assisting with the conceptualisation, operational planning and implementation of health sector reform (HSR) programs
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of sustainable financing models (health insurances) and outcome-oriented provider payment schemes (DRG like systems)
  • Institutional Capacity Building and Development of Human Resources for the Health Sector
  • Support integrated approaches to health financing including standardised Insurance and Provider Payment Schemes, government regulations and budgeting mechanisms.
  • Support in regularizing the development of private (for profit and not-for-profit) health care providers and to establish public-private partnerships (PPPs) in the health sector
  • Support the development and implementation of policies and strategies aiming at decentralized health service administration and management

m4h assists governments in conceptualisation, planning, operationalizing, monitoring and evaluating health sector reform programs.

We have the experience…

Our projects in Health Systems

… and the expertise

Our experts in Health Systems

  • Dr. Erion Dasho, MD, MPH Director for Digital Health and Innovations, Partner

    Areas of expertise:

    • Strategic Development of Healthcare
    • Health Information Systems
    • Telemedicine and eHealth
    • Innovative Technologies
  • Susanne Manns Director of Operations

    Areas of expertise:

    • Health facilities and infrastructure
    • Procurement management
    • Project management
    • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Basma Amarir Senior Project Manager

    Areas of expertise:

    • Social Marketing
    • Marketing research
    • Management of international cooperation projects
    • Development and Procurement
  • Dominik Horrion, M.A. Senior Project & Procurement Manager

    Areas of expertise:

    • Physical Health Infrastructure
    • Public Procurement
    • Communication
  • Arunakiry Natarajan Senior Project Manager and Digital Health Data Specialist

    Areas of expertise:

    • Data Science / Analysis/ Viz
    • Digital health / e-Health / m-Health
    • Telemedicine
    • Health / Hospital Information Systems and Technology

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