11/2018 – 12/2020


Ministry of Health Kyrgyzstan

Financing Institution
World Bank

Consortium Partner

m4h Key Areas
Health Systems, Health & Social Infrastructure

Project description and highlights

As a part of this project m4h analyses the current health care delivery with emphasis to integrate health care service delivery. Also, m4h visions the Master Plan in order to restructure the system to be compliant with relevant international practices and standards, improve access of the population to quality health care services as well as increase equity in the provision of services.

Some of the key features of this project include

  • Nationwide data collection in all hospitals
  • Use of digital tools developed in-house for the collection. This digital tool facilitated and eased the process of data collection across the difficult of the country.
  • Development of the key indicators in consensus with various stake holders of the project.
  • Developing mapping solutions to enable mapping of the data and developing clear possibilities for the client to have a bird’s eye of the healthcare system and for easier decision making
  • Using tools to develop effective data visualisations for demonstration current and future status and effectively performing situation analysis to support for decision-making for Ministries and other related stake holders.
  • Using interdisciplinary co-operation approach: doctors, equipment specialists, architects and engineers, financial experts, digital health experts use their experience, knowledge and insights to develop the bigger picture.

Scope of work

In this project m4h, partnered with local partners, AVANCO (national human resources) and ARDAK (an architecture company) to effectively complete the five major scopes of work.  These include:

  1. Current status mapping
  2. Mapping of health care delivery at regional and institutional level
  3. Setting target criteria and indicators for the optimized system
  4. Proposal for Master Plan of integrated health care delivery system
  5. Consensus process with stake holders on the plan and agreement on the implementation road map


m4h is making sure that the healthcare system of the country is modelled in a way that the system can provide timely and equitable access to inpatient and outpatient health care services of the foremost international standards for all the citizens. Also, m4h develops an integrated healthcare system approach to ensure an optimal and effective use of resources across the nation.


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