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The Libyan European Hospital has been designed as a General Hospital of approximately 24,000 m² with outpatient capacity for up to 75,000 contacts per year and inpatient capacity for about 15,000 admissions per year with a capacity of 150 beds.

The construction of the Libyan European Hospital has been tumultuous, with ties to the preceding country’s political circumstances. Launched in August 2013, construction had to be swiftly halted in November 2014, as the site had to be evacuated due to the prevailing political and security circumstances in the country. Following a certain stability in the country in May 2023, the project owner (Peaktrade Holdings Ltd.) took possession of the site and started mobilizing the necessary funds to complete the construction works, equip the hospital, and start operations.

Following the initiative of the Libyan European Hospital´s project owner, a major coordination workshop was held in Benghazi at the project site on Tuesday January 9th.

During the two days’ workshop, a number of tasks have been completed, including an assessment of the status and the progress achieved since construction resumption in May 2023. This assessment involved the participation of the architectural bureau, MEP designers, the main contractor, construction supervisors, and medical equipment planners.

There were over twenty brilliant individuals representing various organizations, and it was a pleasure to meet with them to talk about the hospital’s architectural and detailed design (MEP), the material procurement, and the medical equipment planning.

The open conversations facilitated an effective settlement of all crucial matters, which will enable a well-coordinated approach to completing the Libyan European Hospital construction phase and ensuring a seamless opening of the hospital.

Construction works in January 2024
The hospital in 2016
The first construction phase in 2013/14