CountryClientProject TitleFocus AreaPeriod
Syria/TurkeyGIZPromoting Employment in the Health Sector and Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) in Syria – PEMS • Health Systems2019/03–2019/07
KyrgyzstanWorld Bank, MoHTechnical Assistance for development of National Health Care delivery system optimisation plan for the Kyrgyzstan Republic (Master Plan)• Health Systems
• Health Facilities
GlobalGIZPromotion of gender equality and women's rights• Health Systems2018/10–2021/02
KyrgyzstanGIZPromotion of Perinatal health in Kyrgyzstan• Health Systems2018/10–2020/09
South AfricaGIZMHIVP Integrated School Health Policy • Health Systems2018/10–2020/08
IndonesiaKfW Development Bank, Hospital Hasanuddin University (UNHAS) MakassarHospital Hasanuddin University (UNHAS) Makassar – Rehabilitation, Construction and Capacity Building of Hospital • Health Facilities2018/09–2022/11
MoroccoEuropean CommissionStrengthening the institutional capacities of the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Integration in occupational health and safety (OHS) • Health Systems2018/08–2020/03
TajikistanADBTA-9498 TAJ: Inclusive Health Project / Project Design Preparation • Health Systems2018/05–2019/05
TajikistanKfW Development BankStudy on Medical Facilities in the Field of MNCH and Emergency Care in Khatlon (Masterplan) • Health Facilities2018/04–2018/12
KyrgyzstanKfW Development Bank, MoHFeasibility Study for upgrading the Talas Oblast Maternity Hospital • Health Facilities2018/04–2018/07
TajikistanGIZImproving food security for mothers and toddlers / Nutrition and Food Security• Health Systems2018/03–2019/07
MoroccoFondation Check Khalifa Ibn Zaid, KfW Development BankEquipment for University Hospital Center Bouskoura • Health Facilities2018/01–2019/03
TunisiaGIZ InSTechnical assistance for the Support to the Competitiveness of Services program in the field of health accreditation• Health Systems2018/01–2018/05
KyrgyzstanKfW Development Bank, MoHProgramme Mother and Child Care IV and V – Perinatal Centre Bishkek • Health Facilities2017/12–2021/12
KenyaGIZKenya Service Package • Health Systems
• Health Information
KosovoLux Development Mid-term Evaluation of Project KSV/017 – Health Support Programme in Kosovo• Health Systems2017/11–2018/04
South AfricaGIZScaling-up Quality Online Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in-service teacher training • Health Information2017/10–2019/01
LibyaGIZ InSLibya Health Systems Strengthening Programme (LHSS) • Health Systems2017/10–2018/03
NigeriaHelmholtz Zentrum für Infektionsforschung Project Management for Surveillance Outbreak Response Management & Analysis System (SORMAS), HZI• Health Information & Research
• Health Services
NepalKfW Development Bank, MOHImprovement of Maternal and Child Care in Remote Areas • Health Facilities
• Health Systems
TajikistanKfW Development BankMother-Child Care and Emergency Medicine VI – Feasibility Study for TNRI • Health Facilities2017/07–2017/08
TanzaniaKfW Development Bank, SwecoCCBRT Maternity and Newborn Hospital • Health Facilities2017/04–2018/04
RwandaEuropean Union Technical Assistance to improve nutrition through Bhaviour Change Communication, European Union• Health Services
• Health Information
Multi-Country (Africa)KfW Development BankAfrican Health Innovation Challenge Programme (AHICP)• Health Systems2017/04–2017/07
UkraineKfW Development BankProject Formulation for the Ukraine Social Invest Funds’ (USIF VII) “Programme for Improvement of Health Care in Eastern Ukraine• Health Services
• Health Facilities
IPPF/WHRAssessing the way forward for a High-Level Mechanism on ICPD an SDGs• Health Systems2017/02–2017/05
AfghanistanEU Delegation Support to Health and Nutrition Services for the Afghan Population: Technical Assistance Programme to MoPH in Kabul• Health system Governance
• Health system reform
• Capacity Building
NepalGIZTraining of Trainers (ToT) Generation Dialogue • Health Systems2016/10–2017/12
MalawiWorld BankHuman Resources for Health (HRH) Analysis• Health Information & Research2016/10–2017/03
Multi-countryGIZProviding for Health (P4H) - Leadership for Universal Health Coverage (L4UHC) Programme • Health Information & Research
• Health Systems
MalawiPSI/KfWEvaluation of Program N’zatonse – Strengthening Public Private Partnership in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights• Health Services
• Sexual Reproductive health
• Health information
PakistanKfW Development BankPreparatory study for the Social Health Protection Project (SHP) Phase II• Project Preparatory TA
• Concept development
Democratic Republic of the CongoGIZImproving the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector• Health services2016/08–2018/12
MongoliaADBImproving Access to Health Services for Disadvantaged Groups Project -01 PPTA Firm for Improving Access to Health Services for Disadvantaged Groups • Project Preparatory TA
• Health Systems improvment
NepalGIZImproving Maternal and Newborn Health (MNH) with a focus on emergency obstetric and newborn care (EmONC) and the referral system”• Quality Improvement system2016/08–2018/07
Germany / Multi CountryGIZPROFILE- Knowledge Management and Documentation of ‘Best Practice’ Examples of the German Development Co-operation• Concept development
• Health promotion
LiberiaKfW Development BankFeasibility Study for a new Investment program in Liberia• Feasibility study
• Program design
• Health Facility
• Infrastructure development
CameroonGIZPasar II – Health program/ fight against maternal mortality: Development of a conceptual framework for the accreditation of midwifery schools• Concept Development
• Data review and analysis
GermanyGIZDevelopment of a concept and the implementation of an internet-based toolkit for the Global project "Adapting to climate change in the health sector"• Concept Development
• Data review and analysis
IraqGIZStrengthening of the Health Sector in Dohuk / Improvement of health provision of IDP’s, refugees and local population in Dohuk • Health system 2016/01–2016/03
Multi CountryGIZ ISEbola and Health Services in West and Central Africa - A Study on the Development of Project and Business Approaches for GIZ IS• Data review and analysis2015/12
Multi CountryDEGMarket Assessment Survey for Health Care Delivery Financing in Emerging Markets• Health Sector Review
• Data Collection and Analysis
Multi Country (Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Mali)KfW Development BankNew project to strengthen epidemiological services and health systems in the ECOWAS region• Feasibility Study
• Epidemiological surveillance system
NepalKfW Development BankShort-Term Winterization Measures within the FC Program “Reconstruction Nepal"• Project implementation and construction supervision
• Tender support
SyriaWHONational Healthcare Assessment• Data review and analysis2015/10–2015/12
AfghanistanKfW Development BankNew Construction of a Mother and Child Health Centre at Balkh Regional Hospital, Mazar-i-Sharif• Health Facilities2015/09–2018/09
NepalKfW Development BankMaintenance Management and Contracting Out of
Maintenance Services
• Health Facilities
• Health Information
NepalKfW Development BankMaintenance Management and Contracting Out of Maintenance Services• Support to MoHP to manage and monitor maintenance outsourcing
• Building PAM Capacity for contract and maintenance management
• Support the development of a PAM Policy
PakistanGIZReproductive, Maternal and Newborn Health Project (RMNHP) | GIZ, Pakistan• Health Information2015/07–2016/12
NepalKfW Development BankRapid Assessment of Health Infrastructure, Medicines and Equipment in Selected Districts in Earthquake-Affected Nepal• Identification and analysis of affected health infrastructure
• Needs assessment for rehabilitation / reconstruction
MoroccoKfW Development BankPre-Feasibility Study - Hospital Project in Morocco• Feasibility Study
• Needs assessment including relevance for target population
Democratic Republic of the CongoSDCSupport to the Health System in Sud Kivu Province• Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH)
• Health financing
• Logistics and Supply management (essential drugs)
QatarGIZSupport for Occupational Health Section with GIZ / SCH Qatar• Health Systems2015/05–2016/02
ChinaKfW Development BankTechnical Services for Hospital Project Feasibilities, Tender Support, Medical Equipment Specifications and Hospital Functional Planning• Tender support2015/05–2015/12
UkraineWorld BankDesign, Implementation Support for the Piloting of, and Evaluation of Alternative TB Services Delivery Models in Ukraine (Phase I)TB
Health Services
South AfricaCOEGAPlanning and Commissioning of Eastern Cape Healthcare Facilities• Upgrading of Health Facilities
• Assessment of Health Services
Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaMinistry of HealthMedical Planning & Design Management at the JHAH Hospital in Dhahran• Development of Space Programming and Conceptual Design Package2015/01–2017/12
BangladeshKfW Development BankSupport to Social Health Protection in Bangladesh• Concept development
• Health system review
• Health Financing and Insurance
• Procurement
UzbekistanGIZAdvanced Training for medical doctors and health workers for the use of modern health technology• QM Processes and Procedures
• Training to ministry and hospital management staff
• Evaluation of twining arrangement
CameroonGIZQuality Improvement in Reproductive Health Programmes• Quality Improvement of Health Services
• Data Collection and Analysis
Kyrgyz RepublicKfW Development BankStrengthening MCH and Perinatal Services in Kyrgyzstan• Feasibility study
• Infrastructure development
• Master Planning
• Mother and Child Health
NicaraguaLux DevelopmentFinal Evaluation of Health Programme in Nicaragua• Monitoring and Evaluation
• Health System Review
NigeriaWorld Bank/IFCBaseline Study for the Cross River State Referral Hospital PPP project in Nigeria• Health Assessment
• Hospital PPP
IndonesiaKfW Development BankStrengthening Health Referral Systems in Aceh, Indonesia• Feasibility Study
• Concept Development
• Master Planning
TunisiaEUSupport the Tunisian MoH and Health Accreditation Institute (INAS) with the implementation of a Quality Management and Accreditation system for all public and private health care facilities and providers in the country• Quality Assurance
• Review of Terms of References
• Recommendations to Ministry
KazakhstanWorld BankOrganization of a study tour for Kazakhstani specialists to learn the experience in organization and maintenance of a hematopoietic stem cells donor register of one of developed European countries• Capacity Building
• Training
• Non-communicable diseases
KazakhstanWorld BankDevelopment and institutional sustainability of health policy analysis, provider payment system and strengthening single payer capacity• Social Health Insurance
• Capitation-based performance payment
• Best practices on payment systems
Germany / Multi CountryGIZPROFILE Knowledge Management and documentation of ‘Best Practice’ examples of the German Development Cooperation• Concept development
• Health promotion
AfhganistanKfW Development BankMaster Plan for the Development of the Balkh Provincial Hospital, Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan• Health Facilities and Infrastructure2013/11–2014/11
AfghanistanGIZMaster Plan for the Development of the Balkh Provincial Hospital, Mazar-e-Sharif• Hospital planning & management2013/11–2014/01
TajikistanKfW Development BankMaster Plan for the Development of the Hospital Sector in the Khatlon Province, Tajikistan• Hospital planning & development
• Mother and Child Health
• Assessment quality of service provision
Germany / Nigeria EgyptGIZFurther Development of the Objectives of the Cairo World Population Conference: Development of a Concept for Cooperation between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the GIZ to Strengthen Immunization Services in Nigeria• Concept development,
• Health promotion
Germany/ Multi CountryGIZPopulation Dynamics & Sexual and Reproductive Health – Development and Implementation of a Communication Concept• Health promotion & disease prevention
• Sexual & reproductive health, programme design & implementation
Germany/ Multi CountryGIZDevelopment & Implementation of Knowledge Management, Advocacy and Communication Platform • Health Information & Research2013/02–2013/05
Russian FederationGIZ International ServicesConcept Development and Design Study for a Private Hospital Chain Project in the Russian Federation• Health facility planning & development2013/02
LibyaGIZ IS / Peaktrade Holdings Ltd.Support to the Completion of infrastructure works, equipment and the development and launching of clinical services at the Libyan European Hospital LEH• Hospital planning & development
• Business planning
Cape Verde IslandsLux DevelopmentFinal Evaluation of the North Santiago Region Health Program• Monitoring & evaluation
• Health facility planning & development
Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan, UzbekistanGIZDevelopment of Program of actions for Key Partner Countries in the area of Biosafety• Program design
• Biosafety