The International Virtual e-Hospital Foundation (IVeH) is a non-profit organization, originally founded in the Commonwealth of Virginia and with its home office in Tucson, Arizona. IVeH was created to help rebuild the medical systems in developing countries by introducing and implementing telemedicine, e-health, and virtual educational programs through the concept of the IVeH Network.

IVeH is managed by highly professional experts on telemedicine and education and governed by an international Board of Directors. Since its establishment in 2001, board members, volunteers and project personnel have worked tirelessly to create a telemedicine and virtual education network in Kosova and the Balkan region, which now serves as an affordable, sustainable and comprehensive model for all developing countries. The IVeH network combines telemedicine and virtual educational programs through international collaboration to build and develop the human capacities who then independently manage telemedicine and e-health in the countries where telemedicine programs are implemented.

The unique strategy of IVeH in establishing telemedicine in developing world is the process of development and integration of telemedicine that is conducted under a four-pronged strategy Initiate-Build-Operate-Transfer (IBOT). Since its inception, IBOT has been published in the peer reviewed scientific press and is now acknowledged as a scientific approach for implementing integrated, sustainable and cost-effective telemedicine and e-health interventions in developing countries and not only.