Project HOPE is an international non-profit organization working in more than 35 countries on health projects.

Project HOPE’s approach to TB management and control and HIV prevention and treatment focuses on strengthening the health system as a whole, including improving access to quality laboratory services.  By building the capacity of health care workers at both national and community levels, we strengthen the ability of countries to provide quality diagnosis and treatment using the latest techniques. Project Hope’s TB programs are designed in support of the Stop TB Strategy recommendations, and many also address HIV/AIDS and TB Co-infection.

In Ukraine m4h partnered with Project HOPE to design pilot, and evaluate alternative TB service delivery models:

Jointly m4h and Project HOPE worked in Strengthening primary health care involvement in TB control by:

  • Strengthening national capacities for management of TB
  • Drug resistance surveillance and diagnosis of TB cases
  • Piloting new service delivery models for the treatment of TB cases
  • Patient support program for TB patients