01/2013 – 04/2013

Cape Verde Islands

Lux Development

Financing Institution
Government of Luxembourg

Consortium Partner

m4h Key Areas
Health Services

A project final evaluation mission has been conducted based on document analysis and site visit including semi-structures interviews with partners and beneficiaries considering aspects of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency (11 million EURO have been invested by the Government of Luxembourg) and sustainability as well as the project’s impact on crosscutting issues (gender, governance, environment) in order to provide lessons learned for future projects and programmes in the health sector.

Overall objective of the Health Programme

Over a period of 48 months the project supported the elaboration and the implementation of a regional health sector development plan including infrastructure and equipment, human resources and service quality. Results have been achieved with regard to the establishment of an institutional framework for the management of health services at regional level, improved accessibility to primary health care services, continuous supply of drugs and medical consumables and the regional referral system.

Construction Hospital Cape Verde
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