Dr. Norbert Dörner, Dipl.-Ing.Partner

Norbert holds a degree in Hospital and Biomedical Engineering and a PhD in Economics and has more than 35 years of experience in various positions in the national and international health care sector.

During his business career, he was responsible for the planning, execution and project management of approx. 100 turnkey hospital projects worldwide. They started from small country hospital up to large university hospitals of 900 beds and specialized facilities (such as cardiac, neurosurgery, gynaecology). He was responsible as team leader, project manager, managing director and supervisory board member in Germany, Greece, Portugal, USA, Egypt, Yemen, Philippines, Romania, Turkey, China, Albania and Kosovo.

For 15 years, Norbert was establishing and running the central procurement and biomedical department as well as the international businesses of the largest private hospital chain in Germany. During this time he developed for the benefit of patients, international health programs using the synergies, skills and expertise of international partners and global health care players.

As a consultant he is working for private equity companies, is consulting health care investors and MoH of various countries.