Prof. Dr. Michael Niechzial, MD, MPHFounder, Board Member and Partner

Michael Niechzial, who is a Hospital and Health Systems Specialist, is Chairman and Partner of m4h. He has a medical degree from the Goethe University in Frankfurt, and holds a Master in Public Health from the Hanover Medical School. He has worked as a Surgeon and Physician in Germany for several hospitals for over 10 years. For over 20 years Dr Niechzial has worked in international Health Management and development in more than 15 countries all over the world. He has worked as Team Leader in Senegal and as Hospital Expert in several other countries.

He is also an associate professor at Bayreuth University where he has been teaching Quality Health Management to postgraduate students. He most recently was associate partner and Managing Director of EPOS Health Management from 2003 to 2012, which provided consulting services to donor agencies including EU, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. In his role as Managing Director he provided technical leadership and development of its health programs.

In 2013 Michael started promoting the vision of management4health as a network of professionals in order to make a difference to the classical setup of consulting companies and to create an organisation that would offer both technical and managerial competencies that are required to effectively and efficiently plan, implement and monitor and evaluate projects and programmes in the area of international health. The response of friends and colleagues was impressive, with already 6 partners joining the m4h partnership initiative that year.

Today, besides his role as Chairman of the organisation, and according to the organisation’s concept and philosophy, Michael is working as Hospital and Health Systems Specialist in various projects of m4h. Throughout his career, Michael has tackled various health sector challenges and has accomplished a proven track record of providing high quality expertise in hospital management, HR and change management, health sector reform and health systems strengthening.