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Between February 8th and February 10th, 2024, a distinguished delegation from Uzbekistan visited the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) in Kaunas, followed by an insightful stop at the Frankfurt am Main Medical School for Radiology and Laboratory Technologies on February 12th. The tour concluded with a thought-provoking workshop at the University of Business and Society of Ludwigshafen (HGW LU) in the Department of Social Work and Health Care.

Managed by management4health AG on behalf of GIZ / Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), this initiative intends to revolutionize nursing and midwifery education to align with the highest international standards. The objective is to enhance the quality of medical and technical services in Uzbekistan through support of advanced medical technology and innovative educational approaches.

The delegation from Uzbekistan, including health ministry officials, school principals, and leading educators, thoroughly engaged with the curricula provided by HGW LU’s Department of Social Work and Health Care. They concentrated on nursing and midwifery studies, demonstrating a mutual dedication to fostering the future generation of healthcare professionals. Through interactive sessions, the visiting members presented an overview of the Uzbek healthcare system, highlighting the rigorous training process for nurses and midwives, aimed at improving a skilled and compassionate workforce ready to meet the challenges of modern healthcare.