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Following a rigorous year of data collection, strategy mapping and report finalizing, m4h is pleased to announce the successful completion of the Health and Well-being Strategy for the African Development Bank for the period of 2024 to 2027.

🏥 Well-being Strategy: The primary goal of the project was to develop a strong, adaptable, and efficient health and well-being strategy for the African Bank of Development. The m4h team aimed to promote the execution of a strategy to establish a compelling work environment that enhances the Bank’s employees engagement and retention initiatives from 2024 to 2027. This project held great significance for management4health as it deviated from the norm of being a project for a recipient country, instead focusing on the development partner itself, namely the African Development Bank. #MentalHealth #Well-being #AfricanDevelopmentBank

🧰 Visit to the Headquarter: m4h´s team had the pleasure to conduct an on-site data collection with a team consisting of an Occupational Medicine Specialist, a Staff Health and Wellbeing Specialist, a Communication Specialist, a local Occupational Health Expert, and a Change Management Specialist who also served as the Project Manager. The team got the opportunity to meet and engage with the client’s team, discussing in-depth technical subjects and sharing personal experiences from various departments at the headquarters of the African Development Bank in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. As part of the African Development Bank´s “One Bank” mission, m4h’s team also carried out a comprehensive data collection effort in the five regional offices, specifically in Tunisia, Kenya, Cameroon, South Africa, and Nigeria. 🌍 #IvoryCoast #Abidjan #Datacollection #OccupationalHealth

🔄 Empowering Change within the Bank: The project’s findings were presented to the client’s team during the second and last visit to the headquarters in June of last year; which ultimately resulted in a final report. This report, consisting of a diagnostic analysis, an analysis of regional medical and social services, an action plan, a communication strategy, and suggestions, was submitted to the management board of the Bank by the end of February.

We extend our best wishes to the African Development Bank for continued success and eagerly anticipate future collaborations on both internal and external projects.

Visiting the bank’s clinic