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Within the frame of the Malawi German Health Programme implemented by GIZ, management4health AG with its Consortium partner Compelling Works supported the Digital Health Division (DHD) of the Ministry of Health in the organisation and implementation of the Digital Health Technical Working Group (TWG).

The TWG opened with a very vivid and enthusiastic keynote given by the Deputy Director of the Digital Health Division, Dr Alinafe Mbewe, on the importance of digital health. After that, for the very first time since its establishment, the DHD presented a joint reporting on the achievements and challenges of all projects implemented in the Malawi Digital Health space. The discussion that was unfold by this presentation then focussed on asset management of DHD, in particular for tablets that have been provided to the districts by various development partners for different programmes and their efficient use, the handling of e-waste and the involvement of CMED into this topic. The meeting also tackled overlapping pertinent issues around connectivity options for Digital Health systems.

The meeting concluded with the chairperson encouraging members to continue with collaborative efforts with the DHD and among the partners, and continuously updating progress in the Digital Health Consolidated workplan. The chair also echoed the request for partners to support the DHD with Human Resource and other support that can be provided to continue enhancing coordination and implementation of the digital health systems.