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Quality management and continuous process optimisation and improvement are not only key elements of our daily business, but also the core of our corporate identity. Since its foundation, management4health GmbH has been providing high quality services through continuous investment in our quality management system. We are pleased to announce that after a rigorous evaluation process, m4h has successfully completed the DEKRA Certification GmbH Audit and is fully accredited for ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management) in the fields of design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of international health projects and programmes.

Our aim has always been to ensure “Quality” at all phases of providing our services. We aim to re-define quality standards in our sector – and to set an example. From the start, m4h has developed and implemented a quality management system in order to improve our overall performance, to maintain an excellent level of quality and to provide a sound basis for sustainable development initiatives. Our decision to work towards ISO 9001:2015 accreditation demonstrates our commitment to provide high-quality and consistent products and services to our clients and to our ongoing investment into new products and services.

Having our quality management system verified has been a goal for m4health since the very beginning, as it proves in an internationally recognized way our commitment to quality and our continuous activities to improve and optimise the processes in our company. During the certification process we not only further defined  and streamlined our core processes but also put particular emphasis on improving our processes towards customer satisfaction and HR management and development.

In keeping with our commitment to offering quality services!