11/2013 – 01/2014



Financing Institution
German Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Consortium Partner

m4h Key Areas
Health Facilities

The aim of the assignment was to establish a Master Plan for the future development of the hospital’s infrastructure and services in order to develop appropriate conditions for the delivery of quality hospital care. Special attention was paid to Mother and Child Health (MCH) services, so far not included in the rehabilitation / reconstruction programme funded by the German Government (the initial focus of the previous project phase was on the reconstruction of the Main Hospital Building, destroyed by fire in 2006).

Master Planning of a new Mother and Child Health Centre

A design and functional / operational concept was developed for the establishment of a new MCH Centre on the hospital compound, considering aspects of environmental protection and sustainable operation of the facility to provide optimal conditions for quality care according to modern international standards. Thus, the Afghan authorities at provincial and national level were supported to assure efficient operation of their services. The concept proposed by m4h constituted the basis for the Intergovernmental Negotiations between the Afghan and the German Government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) for their future cooperation regarding the development of the Balkh Provincial Hospital.

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