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To commemorate World AIDS Day 2019, on December 1st, management4health (m4h) has begun a series of workplace events in the projects where m4h operates during the week surrounding World AIDS Day.

m4h will once again use the World AIDS Day events and gatherings as moments to call on project leadership to boost work with communities in line with this year’s theme #communitiesmakethedifference.

The theme of this World AIDS Day – Communities make the difference – is ever more important to date as ever before. Communities have a key role to play in the HIV Response.

Fact is that today 4 in 5 people with HIV get tested and 2 in 3 get treatment: communities played a major role in achieving this success. Of the estimated 37.9 million people living with HIV at the end of 2018, 79% were diagnosed, 62% received treatment, and 53% had achieved suppression of the HIV virus with low risk of infecting others.

As always, m4h staff – along with our governmental and civil society partners – will be present at many events across our projects in Africa and Asia to host interactive educational and awareness sessions on HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, and related health topics.

We call for action:

  1. To adopt and expand community-based HIV testing, prevention, treatment and care as a core strategy.
  2. To adopt and expand community-based HIV treatment and monitoring, this saves money and reduces workloads for doctors, nurses and other health care professionals.
  3. To expand the role of communities and community-based health to meet global HIV and UHC targets.
  4. To keep the engagement with community and civil society engagement as a key strategy to boost primary health care.