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management4health GmbH (m4h) and its partner Angkor Research and Consulting collaborate on a project on behalf of International Labour Organization (ILO) to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the National Social Security Fund’s (NSSF) Social Health Insurance (SHI) for Private Workers in Cambodia.

The SHI has been expanding its coverage in terms of population, to also include the public sector workers through a slightly different benefit package based on actuarial calculations from the ILO. The NSSF has commissioned this performance assessment with the intention to optimise the current scheme and find points of improvement to deliver and offer improved quality of services.

The team analysed and reviewed the health system and health financing framework in Cambodia and assessed the role of social health insurance within the health system. As part of the review, health facilities in Phnom Penh region were visited and feedback from beneficiaries and service providers was received through a specifically designed survey. Finally, the team reviewed the management and operations of the SHI, such as the organisational structure and operation process, management functions, purchasing function, governance, and satisfaction of the protected people. Extensive recommendations were worked out for the NSSF and its social health insurance scheme on organisation and management, such as revenue collection, pooling, purchasing and other operational processes.

The findings were presented by m4h and Angkor Research at an ILO meeting with key stakeholders such as NSSF, the WHO and other national entities. We hope that the assessment of the NSSF’s Social Health Insurance will help Cambodia achieve universal health coverage to provide access to affordable and quality healthcare services to its people.