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management4health together with its consortium partner Integrated Quality Laboratory Services (IQLS) have been mandated for a project from the West African Health Organization (WAHO) represented by KfW Development Bank to conduct a feasibility study for a ‘new project-to strengthen epidemiological services and health systems in the ECOWAS region’.

Project launch and on-site assessment was performed during the period from January 26th to February 11 in the countries of Burkina Faso (Centre Muraz), Ivory Coast (Pasteur Institute in Abidjan), Niger (CERMES), and Nigeria (Nigerian CDC). During the visits, interviews were held with all key stakeholders involved in the design and implementation of epidemiological surveillance systems, national actors (Ministries of Health, Institute of Hygiene and / or public health, etc. .), and international actors (WHO, European Union, African Development Bank, African Union, etc.).  Following the field visits, a debriefing meeting with KfW was held to discuss the preliminary findings and recommendations of the study followed by a meeting with the direction of WAHO to consult on the findings and final recommendations.

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