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A multi-stakeholder workshop has taken place on October 3-4, 2018 in the Far-Western region of Dadeldhura as the IMCCR Project for the Improvement of Maternal and Child Care in Remote areas has entered into full implementation. The IMCCR is supported with funding of the German Government through KfW Development Bank and implemented by m4h with its local partner MEH Consultants.

With the concurrence of the Ministry of Health & Population (MoHP) and in close coordination with the Provincial Health Directorate, the workshop brought together the municipalities and health facilities for shaping a joint vision, commitment and sharing of responsibilities for making IMCCR a best-practice model for improved MCH referral system following a facility cluster approach.

Municipalities commitments

The municipalities committed to: (a) supervise, support and mobilise local resources; (b) establish a maintenance fund for infrastructure and equipment; (c) allocate budget for essential drugs, consumables, and staff training; (d) coordinate activities of other Technical Assistance providers and (f) assume overall responsibility of managing of HFs after completion of construction.

The District Coordination Committee will assist EDPs with coordination of activities and support inter-municipal coordination as needed for the smooth functioning of both the health facilities and the IMCCR program.

The Health Facilities committed to support municipalities in the planning of health programs and preparation of an annual budgets, establish functional coordination between referring and referral health facilities especially of pregnant women and newborns. Some municipalities committed to allocate funds for referral of poor patients and buy ambulances.

The Provincial authorities committed to ensure availability of staff including medical, nursing and administrative support. Through the National and Regional Health Training Centres, they will organize skills upgrade training for health workers and ensure financial support to local municipalities.

These commitments represent the basis for the development of a joint MoU between central, provincial authorities and health facilities.

Finally, the participants expressed wide appreciation and support for the IMCCR components, including infrastructure rehabilitation and equipment for the selected facilities, eHealth and social marketing of sanitary napkins. In particular, the connection and linkage of the selected facilities through an eHealth network was seen as a great opportunity to support more effective referrals and connecting remote facilities for improved referral decisions and training through eLearning.

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