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management4health together with its consortium partner WASH United will be implementing a project component to improve the sensitization, efficacy, sustainability, and integration of hygiene and sanitation interventions in the supply of drinking water and (basic) sanitation. The aim is to strengthen the capacities of health districts and municipalities in raising awareness of the population to safe water, hygiene and (basic) sanitation and developing model programs and materials for public health staff training and community health promotion.

This project component is part of the programme ”Support to the water sector reform in the Democratic Republic of Congo” (RESE), implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, which supports the Congolese Government in the planning and implementation of a profound and sustainable reform of the water sector.

Project launch was performed during the period of 1st-22nd of September 2016, whilst also participating in the operational planning workshop of the RESE Project in Kinshasa, which took place from September 12-15th , bringing together all relevant actors from the public, private and civil society sector working involved in the water sector reform.

The project will take place in 3 of the former regions: Bandundu, Kasai and Equateur, which now cover the provinces of Kwilu, Kwango, Sankuru, Lomami, Kasai Central, Mongala, Equateur and Sud-Ubangi. The project will run until 12/2018.

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